Elements City Church

Elements City Church is passionate about bringing the hope and light of Jesus into the heart of our city. We launched into Midtown Tucson in January 2013 through the prayers of many and the support of Pantano Christian Church and Casas Church to minister in a part of town needing a vibrant church that can make a difference. We’ve got a fantastic group of leaders, volunteers and super heroes who help us BE the Church…

Lyle Thompson
Associate Pastor

Jen Warnstedt
Ekids Director

Matthew Warnstedt
Ministry Assistant

Elements Board of Directors

The Board of Elements City Church is governed by a set of Bylaws and a Governance Policy document. The Board leads specifically through the Lead Pastor who is the Board’s one employee who is accountable to the Board. The Board defines direction and delegates authority in advance to the Lead Pastor rather than approve staff plans. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Vision and Mission of Elements are in sync with the will of God for our church and that the staff is leading the church towards them. The board empowers the Lead Pastor and staff, within the preset written limitations, to fulfill our vision and mission. The Board is proactive by setting policies and then the board judges the plans to ensure they align with the policies.

Colleen Niccum *Chairman of the Board  colleen@elementscitychurch.org

Karen Donderewicz – karen@elementscitychurch.org

Josh Teed – josh@elementscitychurch.org

Ryan Barents – ryan@elementscitychurch.org

Debb Oebker – debb@elementscitychurch.org

Suzanne Sartori – suzanne@elementscitychurch.org

Jack Schull – jack@elementscitychurch.org

Elements Elder Team 

The Elders of Elements are serving within the church and leading in shepherding, encouraging and caring for the congregation with the Lead Pastor. This team prayers for our church and keeps watch over our church family. They work together to ensure that we are a vibrant healthy biblical community as we pursue our vision, mission and living out our values.

Jack Schull

Gabe Secrest

Lyle Thompson

Ryan Meek