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In 2015 we partnered with Pantano Christian Church, a church planting organization in the U.S. called Stadia and with Compassion International to plant a church and establish a Children’s Compassion Center in Playas, Ecuador. We helped provide the funds to build a combination community center and church building. Working together we helped sponsor 200+ children in Playas and continue to invest in them through monthly sponsorship with education, nutrition and care through the Compassion Childrens Center in cooperation with the local church established there: Plenitud de Dios

We have an ongoing relationship with the people of Playas, the Compassion Center and the Church. Our passion is to send teams to partner with them and invest into their development and health as a Church and Children’s Center.

Partner with us in the following ways:


…for maturity of new followers of Jesus as they learn and grow

…for wisdom for church and project volunteers and staff as they serve the community

…for the children involved in the project to grow in spiritual, mental, educational and physical well-being

…for the hope of Christ to be evident in the families involved in the church and project in Playas

…for the community of Playas to be changed because of the impact of the church and project

…for spiritual and physical protection for the staff and the property


*You can support our Team Members on upcoming trips…



Our next trip is: Summer 2018 = June 17-24, 2018


Part of this project is a relational and intentional child sponsorship there in Playas via the Compassion Children’s Center. As more kids enter into the program, sponsorships will become available and we’ll make that known to you at Elements City Church. You can check out other sponsorships opportunities on Compassion.com to get a glimpse of what it entails.

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Plenitud de Dios