Elements City Church

Covid Update Info

We’re gathering on-site or online

We’re having on-site services. You can wear masks while at service if you feel more comfortable with that; and we do have some masks available in the lobby if you forgot yours and do wish to wear one. We’d love to have you join us in person. Throughout this pandemic, we have sought to be CDC compliant and we will continue to follow City and County guidelines. We do all in a spirit of love for neighbor and the common good. We will continue to heed recommendations seriously and be prayerful around the decisions we make. *updated January 21, 2022

or WATCH online Sundays @ 5pm

*ONLINE SERVICE: We have ONLINE streaming of our service at 5pm on Sundays. You can access this page by going to our website home page and clicking the WATCH button or from our app. You can also access the live feed via our YouTube channel HERE.

*Recordings of our entire service are available again on our app, website, YouTube page and social media.

NOTE: if you are feeling sick or have been recently, consider participating in our ONLINE service from home. 

*If you choose to attend one of our on-site services, you are responsible for your own health and accept the risk of being exposed to any number of illnesses. If you have any concerns about your health or risk, please attend our online service from home.

We know some are ready to gather again and some might be a bit more in a ‘wait and see’ approach. Either way you feel, we want to make Elements City Church available to YOU. We love you, friends! Invite folks to join you for church, Sundays on-site or online!

What to expect:


Doors open for service, approximately 15 minutes before service time.


Please allow our greeters to open all doors for you (with the exception of restroom doors).  When you enter the building find an available seat. There will be hand sanitizer available throughout the Worship Center.


We encourage everyone to give using one of our online options (app or website). If you wish to give by check, we do have giving boxes located toward the back of the worship center or you can mail it to the church. 


Our Ekids program is fully open for baby – 5th grade.

Interaction with others
We want all to feel welcome – so wave, smile, fist bump or say hello!  If you do hug, please ask the other person first if they’re ok with that. Although you may feel comfortable shaking hands or hugging, some folks may not, so please help us make everyone feel comfortable and safe. 


We do have 2 restrooms in the Worship Center that will be cleaned and disinfected before service. There will be hand soap available to wash hands.


We are offering individual communion on certain Sundays in our service, but not as often as we had been. We do encourage you to take communion at home if you would like as a person, couple, a family. Similar to what we did when service was online only. You could read 1 Corinthians 11:23-25 and take a moment of prayer as you ‘do this in remembrance’ of Jesus.

Thank you

-Elements Leadership Team


We will continue to monitor Covid-19 updates and move forward in a planned, appropriate, and safe manner. Please stay up-to-date on our app, website and emails for ongoing communication.