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Elements City Church enjoyed a fantastic launch to midtown last Sunday January 12th 2014. We had so many join us to celebrate. We had some ‘fans’ – those from Casas and Pantano and other churches and parts of our city that came. They’ve been so great in prayer and support in all kinds of ways leading up to this move. We had our ‘family’ – those of you who call Elements home, who have given so much of your time, energy, resources and prayer to help us get relocated. We also had some ‘friends’, some new guests join us as we embark on what we have affectionally referred to as Elements City Church 2.0 – we loved hosting our first service at Catalina High School with them in particular in mind.

It was a great night of celebration, worship and excitement! It really does feel like ‘home’ already!

We’ve talked about creating a space and place where: Everyone’s welcome. Each One Matters.

We’re so grateful for our amazing volunteers who help us with set up and tear down, who serve in Ekids and in other capacities on Sundays. THANK YOU. We’re just getting warmed up and the best is yet to come. *If you’re interested in serving go here – if you’re interested in getting connected in a small group go here.

Keep inviting and leveraging your connections to extend a warm welcome to some of your friends who should join us. We’ll leave out the welcome mat.

Sundays | 535pm-7pm

Here’s some pictures from last Sunday.

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It’s summer!

And though it’s ‘felt’ like summer for awhile now in Tucson, we’ve got some cool nights coming that you’ll want to check out.

We’re going to be having some fun this summer and you won’t wanna miss it or miss out.

Join us Sunday evenings 535pm!

June 30th – August 4th

We kick it all off June 30th with a WORSHIP NIGHT celebration.

SUMMER at Elements_new@



Starting Point Slide

Every journey has a beginning – a starting point.

We are offering a one-session class for folks to get to know the journey that Elements City Church is on. This experience will let you know what we value, who we value and how we’re going to carry our values out. You’ll hear about our mission, programs and structure as a church.

If you’ve ever wanted to know ‘more’ about what makes Elements tick and how you can discover your fit here in our church family – this class is for you. It’s for anyone and everyone who’s asking questions, wondering about us or seeking more information about our church.

We would desire everyone that calls Elements “home” to have taken this class.

Spend some time with our pastors, to hear their heart and discover how you can use your gifts, talents and resources to help us bring the HOPE of Jesus to the heart of our city. Learn how we want to champion you and help you in your spiritual journey. Hear our passion and plans about impacting our community.

April 14th is our next opportunity to take STARTING POINT. Sign up via The Hub online at elementscitychurch.org or visit the live HUB in the back of our gathering space after any service to sign up.

Starting Point Class
Sunday, April 14th at Pantano’s Campus
3pm – 5pm

*Elements service will begin at 5:35pm and we’ll have a dinner for you prior to the service.

Register for Starting Point

Bring your friends and family to join our “Elements Family” at the Ballpark April 6th.

We’ll be taking in the University of Arizona baseball team at Hi Corbett stadium.

Tickets purchased at Elements City Church (following Sunday night services in March) are group sale tickets for just $4 bucks. So sign up, pay up and then show up. We’ll have a great time together chilling and enjoying some conversation and the game.

You can get your tickets for just $4 bucks at Elements. Final night to get our group discount is Sunday, March 24th. After the 24th – you might need to get your tickets from the box office at regular price.

April 6th – Saturday Night – 6pm

Join us for Elements Night at the Ballpark and we’ll have some fun!


Worship/Celebration Gathering

As our 40 Days of Prayer initiative is coming to a close – we want to gather to celebrate, worship and pray together. We’ve been asking God to #surpriseus and prepare us to be a surprise of his hope and grace to our city. So join us in closing out this initiative.

Wednesday Night – March 13th – We’ll gather at Valley Christian Church to celebrate all that God is up to in and through Elements City Church.

PLACE: Valley Christian

5968 E Fairmount St  Tucson, AZ 85712


*Our thanks to Valley for allowing us to utilize their facility.

*We’ll have some drinks & munchies available.

*You can also be the first to pick up an Elements t-shirt for just $10

We know it’s a commitment and we’re asking you to join us for this event in the life of our church. We’ll worship together, pray together, celebrate and share a few stories. Jack and Bryan will be giving an update on where we are as a church and what’s coming. Your whole family is welcome to participate, though please note there will be NO childcare available, so you can take that into account.

It will be a great time – we’re looking forward to celebrating and connecting together!

Make plans to join us and join in.

*help us capture stories:  That evening – there will be some video stations where we’d love to record some of your stories, thoughts and things you’ve learned through this prayer initiative. Some of your thoughts of why you enjoy being a part of our community at Elements City Church. Some of your passions for what God has in store for us as a church. -so think about what you might share, thanks! Feel free to share some of your stories on our Facebook wall or Twitter with the hashtag #surpriseus or #elementsaz

As we prepare to launch as a church into mid-town Tucson. I’m asking our whole community to join us in a 40 Day Prayer Initiative!

40 Days of Prayer

This 40 Day journey of prayer is centered around the theme: #surpriseus

We’re asking God to continue to surprise us with His favor, guidance, grace and love in the journey of becoming the church He desires. He has done so much already to bring staffing together, resources, connections and conversations. We are in awe. This prayer journey is a continuation of asking our Good Heavenly Father for more favor, so that His Story might gain momentum and grow in its impact.

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer… 1 Peter 3:12

It’s a simple request: JOIN us in prayer.

Pray through different aspects of our Prayer Guide or your own prayers and requests on behalf of Elements City Church. We’re asking us all to pray focused together from February 1st – March 12th. To “Take 5 @ 5:35” – meaning: take 5 minutes at either 5:35 am or pm to engage in prayer. That way we all know we’re doing this together! *(if you miss the time, pray anytime, we’re not legalist)

Feel free to Tweet your prayers (use hashtag: #surpriseus) or post on our Facebook wall or yours.

On Wednesday, March 13th – we will gather to close our time and celebrate with worship, story sharing, prayer and much more in a mid-town location. Make plans to join us for that special gathering.

Let’s pray and ask God to SURPRISE US with His provision for the vision he’s given. Let’s ask Him to shape and mold us to be a SURPRISE to the city with His grace, hope and love.

Thank you for joining this movement – looking forward to celebrating together all God has done and will do!


super bowl xlvi

This Sunday is the “Big Game” – which seems to have become a holiday of sorts in our American tradition.

You know we meet for our church gatherings every Sunday at 5:35pm to celebrate God and enjoy one another. We do this because we’re a community who desires to experience God and appreciates sharing life together.

So this Sunday, because of Super Bowl – we are NOT meeting all together as a service, but rather, encouraging us to gather in small groups all across Tucson to celebrate life together around the big game.

Call up some friends, gather to cheer and enjoy some conversation together – BE THE CHURCH in the ordinary moments of life.

You may not enjoy football, but you enjoy one another. So let’s engage in community, celebration and enjoy some food together in pockets of community all across our city.

Elements City will once again gather back together the following Sunday – February 10th at 5:35pm. Join us then as we end our weekend and jump-start our week together.

Quick Recap:

  • NO service this week February 3rd – enjoy Super Bowl parties together!
  • YES to services back in full swing February 10th and beyond – 5:35pm – see ya then!!

Have fun!

Who are you rooting for Sunday?

49’s or Raven’s

(or Commercials & Conversations?)

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

~Martin Luther King

Join us in 40 days of prayer! We’ll be praying from February 1 to March 12, 5 minutes a day at 5:35 am or 5:35 pm.

40 Days of Prayer