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Christmas at Elements is Here!

We invite you to explore the Colors of Christmas as we examine the story of Christmas this season!

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Sunday night services (at 535pm) in December and then culminating at our special candle light

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE December 24th at 5pm. 

Text an invite to a friend. Just text the word ‘christmas’ to our phone number 520-300-9001

you’ll get an invite you can share.

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Christmas Eve

Easter at Elements is going to be a great celebration of worship! It’s an opportunity to lean into the God who made a way for you to experience life with Him!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday morning with friends and family – then join us at our normal service time Sunday evening (535pm – 7pm) to celebrate together!

Invite a friend!

We also want to invite you back the next Sunday – April 12th as we begin a brand new series called: LIFE

LIFE Series

We’re going to be examining some patterns in Jesus’ life that he invites us to model after him. It’s spiritual ingredients for the best possible LIFE!

We’re throwing an AFTER-PARTY following service that night with FOOD TRUCKS, INFLATABLE Games for kids and adults, music and a Baptism Celebration! So make plans to stick around and party with us a bit.


We’re so excited about Christmas this year! Join us.

It’s going to be a great season as we celebrate together. And as we go through our series and experience our very first Christmas Eve Service – feel free to snap some pictures and add your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #EcityChristmas

*details below



There is great beauty in the Christmas season, but sometimes it can feel like that’s overshadowed and swallowed up in chaos. The stress of getting can overwhelm the beauty within the season of giving.

Join us as we remember all that God did through the birth of His Son Jesus to radically change and redeem our story and history. God has a gift for YOU this Christmas.

The beauty of Christmas is radiant and still shines bright. God gave us a whole new way to live, to love and have relationship with him and others. Christmas declares: God is with us, He is for us, He can work through us and He gives His best to us.

Friends, UNTO US… a child has been given – and he changed everything!

Sunday Evening Services
Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14, Dec 21
535pm – 7pm

Christmas Eve Service
Dec 24th @ 4pm

Elements City Church meets at Catalina Magnet High School
2345 E Pima Street, Tucson AZ 85710 || (Pima/Dodge) – 2 mi. east of U of A

Christmas Offering:

As in the past couple years, we are going to do a “double tithe” this December. We will set aside 20% of the money received in the month of December to accomplish 3 key things: 1) We’re doing a blessing end of the year meal for the teachers/staff of Catalina High School to encourage them. 2) We’re planting a church in conjunction with Pantano Christian and Move City Church in Playas, Ecuador via Stadia Church planting group and Compassion International. This church plant takes $80,000 to get off the ground (building structure, sponsor pastor, create infrastructure for sponsoring children). We’re so excited to be a part of this plant and the relationship we will have moving forward for years to come. We’ll be doing some short term trips there within a year. #ElementslovesEcuador 3) We’ll ensure that our budget is strong moving into 2015.

So we encourage you to give generously and enable us to continue to grow in our expression of generosity for God.

*Note: Make sure all giving is in by December 31st in order to count on your 2014 taxes. 


Realignment is a way of life.

We realign our backs through chiropractic care. We realign our cars when tires get askew, so they are more efficient. A Coach will challenge and realign us back to the basics and execution of the game so we perform our best.

Realignment is a way of the spiritual life.

There will always be this tension between the way we want to live life and the way God desires we experience and engage in living.

Our attitudes, actions and understandings will need to be realigned from time to time, as we seek to live more and more the way God desires and dreams for us. His mindset and calling for us taking deeper root and flourishing more within. The Scriptures will call us back into alignment, hip-checking out attitudes and challenging our hearts at times…ALL so we live in the flow of how God desires us to live. As followers of God, we’ll need to RE:align from time to time…

Join us for this series as we examine some attributes and attitudes of God that need to RE:align


New Series: April 27, May 4 & May 11




Though we may have individualistic tendency’s and cravings – we all need relationships to be well off in life. When it comes to those relationships of deeper love than friendships, how do we traverse them in a healthy way?

The world shouts messages about love, dating, and how relationships work. You hear them all the time. God might have some insight to bring, since He created relationships in the first place. Scriptures speak some influential truths about navigating this ‘crazy little thing called love’ – we’ll look at how to seek love, grow love and mature a united love.

We’d LOVE to have you join us for this series.

*here’s a little something from our graphic gurus, getting you ready… Q) can you name the movie?

Say Anything CLTCL

no-other-name-social (1)

We are beginning a new series this February that will take us into our celebration of Easter later this Spring!

No Other Name

No Other Name brings forth such promise and hope. No Other Name has impacted history more. No Other Name stirs conversations and debate as intensely. No Other Name invites us to step from our shame and into his grace. No Other Name ruffles the feathers of some and yet moves the hearts of others. No Other Name creates life change like His…


A look into his life, his teaching, his cross and his resurrection can bring clarity to life – your life. Join us as we make our way through the gospel of Mark this spring on our way to Easter 2014. The gospel of Mark, believed by scholars, to be the eyewitness recorded account of the Apostle Peter gives us insight into the person of Jesus. We’ll examine passages that explore the narrative of Jesus’s life and expand on the themes of his identity and purpose. We pray that you’ll find the figure of Jesus worthy of your attention and that you’ll consider the significance of his life in your own.

No Other Name compares

February 9th – April 20th 2014


…The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
    a light has dawned. ~Isaiah 9:2

This Christmas we remember that a Light shines and awakens those who are wandering and seeking. Those needing guidance and hope find it in His Light.

Let’s lean in this season to Jesus – the Light of Christmas.

We’ll marvel at Him again and take up a renewed commitment to shine His light in our world.

December 15th & 22nd | Join us for Christmas @ Elements

Sundays @ 535pm

**Special Note: on the evening of December 22nd – Join us for a ‘family-friendly’ service. We’ll be ending a bit earlier that evening and then you’re invited to reconvene at Winterhaven in mid-town Tucson. We’ll be doing a Winterhaven Walk together. Grab your glow-in-the-dark necklace as you leave Elements that evening and bring the family to the Winterhaven Walk. We’ll have maps for you after service. You’ll have enough time to grab a bite to eat and a jacket and then join us there. We’ll walk together for a bit. Rumor has it a hot chocolate wagon might be journeying with us. Leave as you need. It will be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit taking in all the lights of Christmas…


The book of Philippians is an amazing small book in the New Testament that speaks of the partnership with have in the gospel. It’s full of practical insight, truth and challenge as we seek to live the life Jesus calls us toward. Join us as we unpack the power of grace within Philippians and how it applies to our lives.

Sunday Nights | October 20th – December 8th


For the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at some RHYTHMS and patterns we see in the life of Jesus and the early followers of God. Some values that invite us into living in a way that brings life. That when we live them out, they stimulate healthy connection with God and connections with others.

These are RHYTMS and values that we’re building our church upon. More then mere words, more than just something we talk about – they are to be lived out in the normal rhythms of life. RHYTHMS of how we are to engage life so we can experience the best possible way to live and stay connected to the movement of Jesus.

Join us September 15th – October 13th for this series. 

Training Camp 1

We’re so excited for our upcoming series called: Training Camp

It’s a series about leaning in and ‘training’ through grace to grow in a relationship with God. In his letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul records these words:

Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather,train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  ~1 Timothy 4:7-8

The life we’re invited into is one of training through grace to become more and more who God is calling us to be. As we come into the Fall season and training camps are in full effect across athletics today – we’re excited to have some in the world of athletics help us train in our journey of faith.

We’re honored to have some amazing guests with us throughout this series.

These are friends who are living out faith on the field and in the realm of athletics today. We’re excited for you to hear their stories and to be inspired by their faith, wisdom and lessons learned in athletics.

Greg Byrne – Athletic Director and Vice-President | University of Arizona

Richard Lopez – Director: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (S. Arizona)

Gebben Miles – World Champion Clay Shooter (and one of our very own here at Elements)

Brigetta Barrett – Olympic Silver Medalist in London’s 2012 Olympic games; 2013 Pac-12 Women Athlete of the Year


Make plans to join us! Don’t miss a week. Bring a friend!

Let’s go through Training Camp – together!

*Sunday Evening’s | August 11th – September 8th (service time: 535pm-7pm)

**for directions – click here