Elements City Church


Realignment is a way of life.

We realign our backs through chiropractic care. We realign our cars when tires get askew, so they are more efficient. A Coach will challenge and realign us back to the basics and execution of the game so we perform our best.

Realignment is a way of the spiritual life.

There will always be this tension between the way we want to live life and the way God desires we experience and engage in living.

Our attitudes, actions and understandings will need to be realigned from time to time, as we seek to live more and more the way God desires and dreams for us. His mindset and calling for us taking deeper root and flourishing more within. The Scriptures will call us back into alignment, hip-checking out attitudes and challenging our hearts at times…ALL so we live in the flow of how God desires us to live. As followers of God, we’ll need to RE:align from time to time…

Join us for this series as we examine some attributes and attitudes of God that need to RE:align