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We are beginning a new series this February that will take us into our celebration of Easter later this Spring!

No Other Name

No Other Name brings forth such promise and hope. No Other Name has impacted history more. No Other Name stirs conversations and debate as intensely. No Other Name invites us to step from our shame and into his grace. No Other Name ruffles the feathers of some and yet moves the hearts of others. No Other Name creates life change like His…


A look into his life, his teaching, his cross and his resurrection can bring clarity to life – your life. Join us as we make our way through the gospel of Mark this spring on our way to Easter 2014. The gospel of Mark, believed by scholars, to be the eyewitness recorded account of the Apostle Peter gives us insight into the person of Jesus. We’ll examine passages that explore the narrative of Jesus’s life and expand on the themes of his identity and purpose. We pray that you’ll find the figure of Jesus worthy of your attention and that you’ll consider the significance of his life in your own.

No Other Name compares

February 9th – April 20th 2014