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At Elements City Church, part of our heart is to partner with agencies and organizations here in Tucson and Southern Arizona that are making a difference!

We invite you to consider making a difference while sharing a laugh together.

Check out the FREE to LAUGH: LAUGH to FREE event here in Tucson – May 10th, 2013

*event held at Victory Worship Center

This year, all proceeds of Free to Laugh Tucson will go to Sold No More (formerly Streetlight Tucson), an organization dedicated to abolishing sex trafficking in southern Arizona. Sold No More focuses on public awareness and education in order to prevent more children from being victimized. Sold No More also works with law enforcement agencies and those working with youth in order to help identify and rescue girls caught in sex trafficking and direct them toward the care they need to heal and be restored to the life God intended for them.

This event has 3 great comedians sharing their family friendly comedy to encourage you and help bring some hope to those that need it.


You can purchase your tickets here for just $20 bucks – click here

Consider making a difference while sharing a laugh.




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We dove in this Easter and examined the reality that God searches for us! He locates us and calls us by name that we not only be FOUND, but now live as a “FOUND-ONE”…

And as a “found-one” we are given a new foundation to base life upon and a new identity in which to live from. The Apostle Paul helps us understand the promises and benefits of this identity from some of the core truths running through the book of Romans.

We’re going to take the next few weeks to examine and experience 5 foundational promises that flow from Romans chapter 8.

You may have had certain ‘words’ define you or your past – ‘words’ that hung over you like: addict, broken, lost, approval junkie, divorced, abused, liar, guilty, greedy, cheater, abandoned, etc… they were words that began to shape you and weigh you down. They impacted how you viewed life, relationships and even yourself.

But, the good news is this: as a follower of Jesus we have new words that hang as a banner over us and are a firm foundation under us…

Words like:  freed, empowered, adopted, transformed and completely loved. And as you and I come to understand, experience and embrace these words – these promises – we’re pulled deeper into our relationship with God and deeper into who we were rescued and created to be as a ‘found-one’…

These are foundations for us and new realities available to anyone who opens their life to Christ. We hope to see you at Elements in April and encourage you to lean in with us to God’s incredible life-giving promises. Invite a friend.




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Every journey has a beginning – a starting point.

We are offering a one-session class for folks to get to know the journey that Elements City Church is on. This experience will let you know what we value, who we value and how we’re going to carry our values out. You’ll hear about our mission, programs and structure as a church.

If you’ve ever wanted to know ‘more’ about what makes Elements tick and how you can discover your fit here in our church family – this class is for you. It’s for anyone and everyone who’s asking questions, wondering about us or seeking more information about our church.

We would desire everyone that calls Elements “home” to have taken this class.

Spend some time with our pastors, to hear their heart and discover how you can use your gifts, talents and resources to help us bring the HOPE of Jesus to the heart of our city. Learn how we want to champion you and help you in your spiritual journey. Hear our passion and plans about impacting our community.

April 14th is our next opportunity to take STARTING POINT. Sign up via The Hub online at elementscitychurch.org or visit the live HUB in the back of our gathering space after any service to sign up.

Starting Point Class
Sunday, April 14th at Pantano’s Campus
3pm – 5pm

*Elements service will begin at 5:35pm and we’ll have a dinner for you prior to the service.

Register for Starting Point